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VEE Int16 data type

Question asked by jason_limkh on Sep 26, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2008 by odanzy
I am using U2353A DAQ and VEE8.0 with IVI-com to
interface with the instrument. I have attached my VEE
code which is an example extracted from the example
code for arbritary waveform.

I am trying to create voltage output from DAQ with a voltage range of 0-10V. However, I have problems handling the data types.

I set the DAQ analog output to unipolar. In IVI-com programming CreateData(data) takes in data in Int16 array. However, VEE stores Int16 data type as signed integer while the DAQ requires unsigned data in hexadecimal format.

For example 65536 corresponds to 10V but VEE cant even store 65536 in Int16. Hence, I am only to set a voltage range from 0 to 32766 in Int16 array.

Is there a way to change the data type Int16 array to unsigned integer?