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On-wafer calibration using TRL?

Question asked by mariafernanda on Aug 21, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2007 by dgun

I am designing a microwave switch and I'm using CPW to connect it to RF Probes. I mean, I added pads to connect the switch which is smaller than pads dimensions to Probe tips (GSG) because I am using a Probe station. The substrates used are GaAs and silicon. I wish to know if the TRL calibration standard placed on wafers (in order to remove pads effects and carry out calibration with these standards), remove PADS effect, and PROBE ERRORS and VNA error? Or it is necessary carry out another calibration? i.e, ISS?.

What is the correct process to eliminate PROBE,VNA,CABLES and PADS erros?.  

Another question!

It is necessary to use de-embedding for removing pads effects or TRL calibration standards remove it.

I hope somebody could help me!

Thanks so much..

Maria Fernanda