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ENA 75 Ohm Measurements

Question asked by ecrean on Oct 16, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2008 by RFNITA
I have a 4 port, 50 ohm ENA, and I need to use this to characterize 75 ohm devices.  

I cannot afford to invest in a 75 ohm test set, so I need to use the ENA, and the associated 50 ohm cables and Agilent Switches to make the measurement.  I also want to continue to use my 4 port ECal Module

I can add minimum loss Pads at the DUT interface to present the proper impedance.


1.) Can I cal at the 50 ohms interface at the Pad inputs, and deembed the minimum loss pads, and will I get accurate Insertion and Return Loss measurements for the DUT

2.) Will I need to change the port impedance using the Fixture SImulator?

3.) Is there another method for making 75 ohm network measurements using a 50 ohm ENA?

Thanks in Advance,

Ed C