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ECal with Tektronix Probes

Question asked by rmc256 on Sep 21, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2007 by Dr_joel
This may be an incredibly novice, imbecilic idea, please let me know if it is.

I have a device with non-standard connectors that I would like to measure S parameters with using an E5061A. I have these P2200 Tektronix probes laying around that I thought I would try to use for measurements. 10x: 200 MHz, 10Mohm, 16pF, 1x: 6 MHz, 1Mohm, 95pF, with BNC connectors (would use an N-BNC on the analyzer). I think most RF probes are designed to be 50 ohm characteristic impedance; would these probes work for measurements? Frequency measurements are <30MHz. Any insights into limitations, cautions, etc.?

On top of that, I wanted to use the ecal kit to calibrate the probes, by using vices to hold the probes inside the N-BNC connector on the ecal kit ports, and connecting the ground clip to the outside of the N-BNC connector. I know that would be atrocious for high frequency measurements, could I possibly get away with it being at such low frequencies? Would the impedance of the probes throw this off?