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Test fixture calibration with 8363A

Question asked by dnb on Feb 27, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2007 by odanzy
I have to the utilize the Agilent 8363A with a test fixture that has a TRL calibration kit. To eliminate the influence of the test fixture I have to calibrate the fixture with a non-coaxial calibration kit.

I have been reading the 8510 calibration procedures* and there are presented 3 calibration classes for TRL calibration:
1. TRL with zero-length THRU
2. TRL with non-zero length THRU (LRL)
3. TRL with a non-zero-length THRU, reference set by Reflect

Q1: Which one of these methods could be utilized with the 8363A?

Q2: If I want to set the reference plane at the launch port of the fixture, I should use the LRL calibration where the length of the line is the THRU?

For this, what will be the delays of the lines?
The calculated delay of my THRU is 8ps.
The calculated delay of the Reflect (OPEN) is 4.1 ps.

Q3: How should I input the delays of the longer LINE – 15 ps? As the delay difference between the LINE and THRU – 7 ps? Or as the total length of the LINE – 15 ps?

Q4: why in the 8510 for the TRL calibration the SHORT was utilized as REFLECT and for the LRL the OPEN is utilized as REFLECT?

*Agilent Network Analysis – Applying the 8510 TRL Calibration for Non-Coaxial Measurements.

Thank you.