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Source power calibration problems

Question asked by mtomas on Feb 22, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2007 by am95405

Hopefully you can help me with my problem regarding Network Analyser (NWA) N5230A.
If I am trying to connect port 1 with Power Meter and to use CW Time as a Sweep Type (I have certain value of power e.g. -1 dBm), the result on the Power meter is not the same as the NWA output power value. That's all right of course I need to make a Source Power calibration.
After this calibration the output power value of the Port 1 is the same comparing to measured power of Power Meter.
This is good but after I will push the PRESET button I do have again the incorrect output power from the NWA. Is there any way how to save Source Power Calibration? (Actually this calibration take about 45 minutes for the range of output power starting at -15 dBm until +5 dBm and it is not possible to calibrate again and again).
Thank you for your answer