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E5071C Multiport Calibration

Question asked by yarsmada on Sep 18, 2007
I want to perform a three port calibration on a device.  The signal(port1 )is injected into one end of the test fixture and terminates into port 3.  The DUT output is connected to port 2.  Simple enough! 

Which calibration configuration should I choose?

A.  Full 3-port calibration (reflection: O,S,L) each port and transmission (P1 -P2, P2-3, and P1-P3) without the test fixture inserted.

B.  Same as A except insert the test fixture for the port1 to port3 transmission calibration.  The DUT output is terminated into 50 ohms or port2.

I performed both A and B and they are direct overlays EXCEPT above 30MHz where the two sets of data diverge.  The worst case is 3 dB difference at 400 MHz. The data obtained in A is higher.  The length of the fixture is about 4"