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8712ES Correction Constants

Question asked by wpmuckleroy on Aug 27, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2007 by TedAyres

I am working on an 8712ES vector analyzer and I upgraded the firmware without saving the correction constants first.
Well, this erased all the constants and now the (power) level flatness is not so (4 dB change).
The service manual says that a floppy disk was shipped with analyzer, that contained all the original correction constants. Unfortunately, I cannot locate this disk. (Analyzer was purchased new long ago.)
Is it possible that Agilent still has this file on record? The file takes the form of CC_DATX and is specific to each analyzer (model and serial number).
Otherwise, the analyzer works great and has plenty of output power.

Any help would be much appreciated,
Wayne P. Muckleroy
Bird Electronic Corporation