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Cross Talk on N5230A using Ecal N4433A

Question asked by ldalep on Jun 27, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2007 by dr_novotny
I am finding that cross talk errors are only used on 2 port mechanical Calibration.  I read that this error term no longer is used on firmware 4.23 and above for Ecal and on any smartCal.  

My problem is from the 300Khz to 10Mhz region.  I am measuring a high impedance 4 port dut at that segment of sweep and I am seeing "spurs" at about 1.5Mhz and 2.5Mhz of about .25db at about -40dbm level.

I have the power at 6dbm for that segment with an IF of 100hz. Are there any other ideas?