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synchronizing single-shot device

Question asked by mwdocter on Feb 15, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2010 by brandon.irwin
Like in the example in the programmers guide ch10, I want to set the scope on 'single' receive, give a trigger and read out the data (trace of 1-50 microsecs). Both scope (DSO6034) via USB and wave generator (33250, via gpib) are connected to the computer, and both sync and output of the wave generator are connected to the scope. I want to use the following code in Matlab:
If I run the above, the trigger command is received by the wave generator, but not by the scope.

I figured I can use the following commands for knowing whether the scope is ready to receive a trigger (while loop over ':AER?'), whether it received a trigger (':TER?'), and whether it finishes acquiring (3rd bit of ':OPERegister:CONDition?').
My problem is that in the "synchronizing single-shot device" example all of the above register checks are performed after 100 counts (millisec?) which is too large for my application. If I don't use such pause, 'aer?' returns 1 but the scope does not respond to the trigger.

Any suggestions on a better synchronization?