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N9020A error- Data corrupt or stale

Question asked by cgantz2000 on Jan 13, 2010
I'm trying to do a segmented sweep on an N9020A. When I do the following code, I get a timeout at the last line " s = formattedIO488.ReadString()" line. The spectrum analyzer error queue shows the error "Data corrupt or stale. Measurement data not available". The other ReadString lines show the correct data.

What am In doing wrong?



if (specADrvr.InstrumentModel == "N9020A")
                            = (IMessage)resourceManager.Open("TCPIP::", AccessMode.NO_LOCK, 2000, "");
                        formattedIO488.WriteString("*IDN?", true);
                        string s = formattedIO488.ReadString();

                        string scpiMsg = ":List:Freq 12.253GHz, 12.353GHz";
                        //string scpiMsg = "List:Freq 1GHz, 1.5GHz";
                        formattedIO488.WriteString(scpiMsg, true);
                        formattedIO488.WriteString(":List:Freq:POIN?", true);
                         s = formattedIO488.ReadString();

                        formattedIO488.WriteString(":INIT:LIST", true);
                        //formattedIO488.WriteString(":TRIG:RF:SOUR IMM", true);
                        formattedIO488.WriteString(":INIT:IMM", true);
                        formattedIO488.WriteString(":READ:LIST?", true);
                        s = formattedIO488.ReadString();