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8163B -> sweep-wavelength measurements with tunable laser

Question asked by fgardes on May 27, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2009 by JohnDorighi

Currently, I'm trying to work out a labview program that sweep a wavelength range and log the wavelength and corresponding power value and save it to a file. The issue is that the file i get from the log is filled with data that have nothing to do with the actual scan.
i use a 8163b mainframe with a 891940a laser module and a81634b power meter (firmware mainframe rev: 5.04) (laser rev: 4.84) (power meter rev: 4.01)
)I attached a few pictures of the labview program that i use, the laser seems to run ok (wavelength range and power are fine)
If somebody could give me an idea on what i am doing wrong, it would be really apreciated.


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