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COOL Promo -- Buy 9000 or 90000 scope and get DSOX3034 FREE

Question asked by mkawasaki Employee on Nov 15, 2011
I was talking to my friends at Agilent's Scope Division and they informed me about this promotion -- I was impressed!  My intent is not to do marketing promotions in this Forum, but thought it would be helpful to anyone planning to buy a scope (or spectrum analyzer or network analyzer) during the next few months.

Basic offer is to get a FREE DSOX3034 (about $7,600 US) if you purchase any 9000-series or 90000-series scope.  You don't have to do anything, just buy an eligible product and a DSOX3034 will ship to you.  The same holds true for a few spectrum analyzers and network analyzers.  It ends on 29 February.

Mike Kawasaki

p.s.  Full disclosure:  I've worked in the Agilent Scope Division twice (in Colorado Springs) during my 23 years with the company so have a soft heart for the scope business  .