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Setting the reference mode using Agilent546XX IVI .NET COM

Question asked by lcorrigan on Dec 21, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2009 by lcorrigan
I'm using the Agilent546XX IVI driver to control my DSO6102A Scope, with C# .NET; making direct device-dependant calls to the Agilent.Agilent546XX.Interop; driver.  I'm trying to set the thresholds for some waveform measurements, but need to use absolute values instead of the default percentage values. I can't seem to set the mode to absolute using this library.  There is a Agilent546XXMeasurementReferenceModeEnum that enumerates the Agilent546XXMeasurementReferenceModePercent and Agilent546XXMeasurementReferenceModeAbsolute settings, but there is nothing in the class or interface sets to allow you to set the value from one to the other.  As such, any attempts to set the high, low and mid values for the IAgilent546XXReferenceLevel fails for me as it is expecting percentages and kicks out an out-of-range error.
Does anyone who's used this library know how to set the Measurement Reference Mode to Absolute?