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Can the 34401A go faster than 1s for ACV reading

Question asked by abartoli on Nov 10, 2009
Dear Experts,
first I hope to not have wrong the topic of this section of the forum. If this is the case can u please me addressing to the multimeter section, I didn't find it?
I'm using a 34401A multimeter to measure the alternate wall current of my device at 50Hz. I'm using an agilent shunt resistor and I'm probing the AC voltage in mV. Now I want to track this measurment. I installed the driver connected to the multimeter to the host PC with an RS-232 cable and start using the excel spreadsheet to sample the measurment.

I want to increse the measurment rate, bringing it to the millisecond range 100ms or even lower should be fine.
Refering to the datasheet of the 34401A  multimeter there are three setting for the internal AC filter, with the fast one it should be possible to get up to 10-50 samplig per second. The problem is that the spreadsheet tollerate only up to 1second if I try to go beelow the things goes worstly and I got delay between samples of few seconds.

So the questions are:
- I'm doing something wrong?
- Is the RS-232 connection not fast enough ?  If is yes, can I iprove it by using a GPBIB connection ?
- Is the Excell not fast enough ? If is yes, can I improve it by writing my own C program for reading the value?
- Is a multimeter limitation? so with this multimeter I cannot go faster. Is the voltage somehow averaged by the AC filter, so the value I read each second  is the average over the one second period ?

Thanks in advance,