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54622a resolution for RS232 communication

Question asked by freddyglima on Nov 3, 2009
Hello you all,
I have been using a 54622a oscilloscope. My settings are 50mV/div, 20µs/div, #Avgs=16. The communication is done using the RS232 through a USB converter and then, I get 2000 points in ASCII format of one channel in my computer. I always stop steaming before getting the values.
I save a csv file and I was expecting to see the smallest change between 2 points as 1.56mV (8*0.05/(2^8)) since I thought it was 8 bit resolution. However, I get 97µV which should be 12 bit resolution.
I have seen in the User´s Guide that for 2µs/div, the resolution is 8 bits and for #Avgs=16, resolution is 10 bits. Why do get values for 12 bit resolution?