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All parameter analyzer measurement

Question asked by josedeoliva on Nov 7, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2007 by josedeoliva

I have a question that may be M. Kelly could answer.

I'm characterizing an apodize chirped FBG with the Agilent 81910A All parameter analyzer.

The device has been sent to us at the University of Malaga from the photonic group ot the University of Valencia to be measured with the analyzer to compare our measurements with their ones.

Regarding the RL both measurements agrees, and also agrees with the ones I have done using a setup with a circulator and an Agilent OSA with a broad band ligh source.

My surprise is with the group delay measurements, they have sent me a somehow strange measurements, because the group delay slope is negative but it shows a big step discontinuity at a given wavelength.

I don't know if the FBG is designed with positive or negative group delay slope, but before contacting them I would like to be sure there is no issues with my measurements.

The question is that, with the proper sweep speed given the electric length of the device I measure a continuous and positive slope group delay.

May be any issue in the instrument setup that could cause a change in the group delay slope sign?

I have not experienced any similar issue since we have the analyzer (more or less one year ago).


José de Oliva Rubio