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I need Help on HP54620A

Question asked by tarasco on Jun 7, 2010
I´m an italian student and I bought for my microcontroller programming hobby an HP54620A logic analyzer; of course, due to my little money, the scope was an used one.
The instrument seem works but the panel calibration out frequency is 9.86 KHz instead of 8.3 Khz and if I connect the probes to a clock generator I can see a jitter on the square wave displayed on CRT.
I make some measurements as suggested on HP user manual (pg 166) and I found that frequency of DE signal (U3 pin 7) is 18.22 KHz instead of 19.72 Khz (other Table 12 frequencies are ok).
Could you help me with an indication to solve my problem or sending me by e-mail the circuital schematic ?
I have some instruments like scope and frequency meter and I can work on SMD component and multistrate PCB, I think with your help I can to repair it.
Thank you very much for your help.