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What really is in "Autosetup" (U2701A)

Question asked by xxl7341 on Jul 21, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2009 by yongschew
Hello I am new to scope remote control programming. Recently I have got a U2701A, using the IAgilentU2701A driver.

I cant seem to read back correct measurement from the scope unless "driverU2701A.Measurements.AutoSetup" is ran before the measurement.

I tried my own setup but it never return the right values ( measuring a 1.786MHz clock signal, 3.3V amp).
My own reading sequence is following:
  driverU2701A.Channels.Item("Channel1").Enabled = True
  driverU2701A.Channels.Item("Channel2").Enabled = False
  driverU2701A.Acquisition.ConfigureRecord 0.000000001, 0   <-- I want 1GHz sampling rate, it is 1.25MHz as default somehow.... and samplerate is readonly property.
  driverU2701A.Trigger.Configure AgilentU2701ATriggerEdge, 0.01
  driverU2701A.Trigger.Edge.Configure "Channel1", 0.2, AgilentU2701ATriggerSlopePositive
  driverU2701A.Measurements.Item("Channel1").ReadWaveformMeasurement AgilentU2701AMeasurementFrequency, 10, freq

this simply doesnt work, but driverU2701A.Measurements.AutoSetup does.
What is really inside driverU2701A.Measurements.AutoSetup? what is wrong with my sequence? I read through the manual many times but found no useful information.
Any help is greatly appreciated!