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VISA connection lost error when power cycling

Question asked by kwm on Jul 17, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2009 by hognala
Hi, I'm using the Aglient VISA drivers to send formatted IO strings to a Keithley 2701 DMM.  I'm trying to send the power cycle command to the equipment [SYSTem:RESet], discard my old session identifier [viClose(sessionId)], wait for 15 seconds, and then reconnect to it to get a new session identifier [viOpen(drmSession, address, NULL, MAX_TIMEOUT, newSessionIdentifier)].

The problem I see occurs when I attempt to reconnect - I receive a VISA error code [–1073807194 VI_ERROR_CONN_LOST The connection for the given session has been lost. ] which doesn't make sense to me why I would be receiving this after closing the session and trying to reopen a new session. 

Has anyone encountered a similar problem or know why I would still be getting the VI_ERROR_CONN_LOST code even when trying to establish a new connection?