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54641D - Digitizng a Waveform

Question asked by CHRISRODGERS on Jun 23, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2009 by CHRISRODGERS
I have written a VEE 8.5 program to acquire waveforms and measurements from the 54641D - 350MHz Oscilloscope over a GPIB bus. I wish to do this because our 54641D's are only equipped with 3.5" floppy drives which are slow as molasses. It's easier and faster to acquire the waveform or spectral data over the GPIB bus, and having the actual data enables more extensive data analysis.

According to pg. iii  of the "Programmer’s Guide" (54622-97038, Sept. 2002):

"To collect data, you use the DIGitize command. This command clears the waveform buffers and starts the acquisition process."

I have done this and my program works fine except for one thing: I don't want to clear the waveform buffer, but rather capture the waveform which is currently displayed on the scope!

A good example is when capturing a waveform which only occurs once, such as from Single shot triggering. Another example is when I Stop capturing on the scope, adjust the cursors to measure specific features and then want to capture the "dimensioned" waveform. As it is now, when I use the DIGitize command, I lose the currently displayed waveform.

I can guess that the designers decided to clear the buffer to ensure that "junk" was not accidentally acquired, but it would be nice to give the programmer the choice of what they actually want to acquire.

I've searched through the Programmer’s Guide but can't seem to find a solution. Does anyone know if it's possible to not clear the waveform buffer when acquiring a waveform?