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Saving waveform with InfiniiSim

Question asked by conchiupct on Feb 15, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2010 by ko2054
Hello everybody!

I am using InfiniiSim to compensate the effects of an amplifier with 60 dBs of gain. I obtain the transfer function shown above.
I use a hardware scale of 600 mV and a display scale of 350 uV. After the de-embbeding process I obtain the signal in time domain sown above (the same before aplying Infiniisim but smaller). The display scale shows the signal has values of several uV.
However, If I save the simulated waveform using "Save->Waveform->Channel1" I obtain that the tension values are -1v, 0v, or +1 v. Why do I obtain this? Because, displays shows one thing but we are saving another different thing...

I would appreciate any idea

Thank you in advance