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Hard to recieve exact number of waveform points (MSO7104A)

Question asked by eggzhang on Jan 12, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2011 by algoss
I met with the problem of receiving different number of waveform points compared with the number I defined in matlab.
I'm using the digital channels of MSO7104A. The main part of the matlab code is attached as follows:
fprintf(visaobj, ':TIMEBASE:MODE MAIN');
fprintf(visaobj, ':TIMEBASE:Range %g',timerange);
fprintf(visaobj, ':TIMEBASE:Scale %g',timescale);
fprintf(visaobj,':WAVEFORM:SOURCE POD1');
fprintf(visaobj, ':STOP')
fprintf(visaobj,':SAVE:WAVEFORM:LENGTH 10000');
fprintf(visaobj,':ACQUIRE:TYPE NORMAL');
fprintf(visaobj,':ACQUIRE:COMPLETE 100');
fprintf(visaobj,':WAVEFORM:FORMAT BYTE');
fprintf(visaobj,':WAVEFORM:POINTS:MODE RAW');
fprintf(visaobj,':WAVEFORM:POINTS 5000');
preambleBlock = query(visaobj,':WAVEFORM:PREAMBLE?');
waveform.RawData = binblockread(visaobj);
I tried the similar commands with only one analog channel, it works sometime.
Does saving data from different number of channels affect the final number of recorded points?
I really feel confused about controlling the waveform points. Do I miss some critical settings?