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Averaging rate DSO6104L

Question asked by viterbini on Feb 12, 2010
I'm using a DSO6104L for an aircraft based laser radar experiment .
At the moment I store the sweep at the ppr of 1 pulse/3sec.
For a new pulsed laser application, the signal to be measured repeats (prr=1K to 5k 200us/sweep).
The repetitive waveshape (exponential)and amplitude of the echo remain constant from shot to shot.
Each time the laser fires, the digitizer is triggered to record another waveform (EXT Trig).
In averaging, the first point in each waveform record gets summed and divided by the total number of waveforms.
The result determines the first point in the averaged waveform, and the process is identical for the second, third, and remaining points.
Only the averaged signal resulting should be downloaded for recording.
I can't find info about the averaging rate.
Could you let me know if the above operations can be done with the DSO6104L?