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Sending DCL command over a LAN connection

Question asked by florentf on May 5, 2009
Latest reply on May 12, 2009 by florentf

I'm driving an agilent ifiniium 54853A oscilloscope using python scripting.
I have been able to establish a TCP link to the scope on port 5025, and send SCPI commands to it. The commands can even be sent directly using netcat.
% nc megascope 5025
Agilent Technologies,54853A,No Serial,05.40.0000

Now I'd like to send control commands, like DCL (Device Clear) or SDC (Selected Device Clear) to the scope. The problem is that only data commands seem to be accepted on port 5025. For instance, when I send the "DCL" command using netcat, I obtain an "Unedfined header" message on the scope.

I read on the "Socket Connections for LAN enabled Instruments" document, that it should be possible to ask the scope to open a TCP/IP port to receive control commands using the "SYSTem:COMMunicate:TCPip:CONTrol?" SCPI command. Unfortunatly this command does not seem to be understood by the 54853A scope.

Is there a way to send control commands (like DCL) to the Agilent ifiniium 54853A oscilloscope over the LAN ?