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Installation of PCI USB Card in 54831D Scope

Question asked by coflynn on Jan 16, 2012

I have a USB remote-control device (IOGEAR GCS661U) I was hoping to use with a scope (54831D), and I tested on a newer Infiniium scope that has USB 2.0 high-speed support. To work reasonably well this device requires USB High Speed mode, so it doesn't work very well with the 54831D. The 54831D Infiniium scope only seems to have USB 1.1 hardware support.

So my question: can I install a generic USB 2.0 high-speed PCI card in the scope? The service manual ( ... -97013.pdf) seems to indicate one PCI slot would be free. But is there other issues I wouldn't be aware of? Any problems with the bandwidth requirements placed on the PCI bus?