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Equipment for Time-Resolved Chirp Measurements

Question asked by mkelly Employee on Mar 12, 2007
The time-resolved chirp measurement application that runs with the 86146B optical spectrum analyzer is a software package that also calculates dispersion penalty for evaluating transmitters.
Besides the OSA, the measurement requires a Digital Communications Analyzer including an optical module. Several newer DCA products have been introduced in the meantime that can be used in addition to those listed in the original TRC documentation.
The routine can use the 86100A, 86100B, or 86100C DCA.
Besides the originally documented modules, 86105A, 86106A, 86109A, 86109B and 86116A, it can also use newer models like the 86105B, 86105C, 86106B and 86116B.
Especially the new 86105C is interesting due to its flexibility in rate and wavelength. This is an amplified module and has required some additions to the software to support the different channel ranges.
If your installation of the TRC software does not support this, and you would like to use the 86105C or another amplified module like the 86113A, please contact Agilent to get the updated files.