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Spectral power measurements with the tunable laser

Question asked by mkelly Employee on Feb 13, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2009 by mkelly
It is easy to synchronize power measurements with the wavelength sweep of the laser. Here is a simple description.

Choose the start and stop wavelength and the wavelength step between measurement points for a continuous sweep. The TLS (like 81980A or 81600B) can be set to output a trigger for each point, and accurately log the wavelength at that point. The triggers can be passed internally to any power meters within the mainframe (8163B or 8164B) for recording spectral power. Also the triggers can be output to a BNC connector at the back of the mainframe and used by other power meters or other instruments for synchronization. The logged wavelength and power values can be read out over the GPIB.

Programming these measurements is greatly facilitated by using the free 816x Plug&Play driver, which includes the lambdascan and more flexible MFlambdascan functions for this purpose. The PnP driver can be downloaded here: