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N7788B Loading waveplates configurations with LabVIEW

Question asked by vhenry on Feb 21, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2012 by skieck

I'm currently programming the N7788B using the LabVIEW drivers (although I know there are discontinued) and i want to make a simple loop in which a new sequence of waveplates configurations is loaded and SOP are measured. In order to do so, I first initialize the polarization controller in sequence mode, with the polarimeter clock as timebase and the polarimeter as trigger (oneshot sequence). Then, my loop consists essentially in two VIs : MIP_PolConSeqWaveplateSet, which gets a new array of waveplates configurations at each iteration, and MIP_PolarimeterMeasStartGet to retrieve the SOPs.

With this configuration, I observe I'm able to load and mesure correctly only the first sequence which is sent. Then, I measure again the same sequence as the first iteration, although when I'm debbugging and looking in the MIP_PolConSeqWaveplateSet, it seems to take the right sequence into account. In order to make it work, I have to add the VI MIP_PolConSetMode and reset again the sequence mode at each iteration. But in this case, it is quite slow and it annoys me...

Am I doing the things right or it exists a more satisfactory solution which don't need to reset the mode each time a new configuration is loaded ?