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Firmware Upgrade Failure

Question asked by TonBruSki Employee on Mar 23, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2007 by jborges3
Are there any known issues with option 122 being lost after a firmware upgrade on PSA  (E4440A)?

At the point in the update process when firmware for option 122 is loaded, the PSA screen indicates “Waiting for WB DIF to initialize” for a long time and eventually times out.  Then the update program reports “Error +1000: “Failed to write to staging file” and then goes on to load the firmware for the next option. 

After the update program is finished and the PSA is rebooted, it reports “WBIF has incompatible revision”.  The PSA appears to work fine in spectrum analyzer mode; however, if I place the instrument in basic mode and try to set it to wideband mode, the option does not appear.  If I try to list the the installed options, option 122 no longer appears, however the license key is listed when I check for it.