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Probe compensation problem on my MSOX3024

Question asked by DaveDE on Dec 8, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2011 by ee_pro
I just received my Agient MSOX3024 oscillosope. Wow! This thing really rocks. I've been giving it a good workout, trying all of the features I can think of. However, during this process, I decided to calibrate my probes. Unfortunately I get no response when tweaking the adjustment pots in the probes. After trying two probes on channel 1, I decided to try channel 2. When I did this, the oscilloscope apparently lost its marbles and started doing all kinds of weird things. It could not display a waveform properly after that, and all channels were useless, displaying giberish. I finally got the scope back to normal after having to reload the latest firmware.

Has anyone else here with a 3000X tried compensating thier probes? My probes are the N2863B models. I think Agilent may have major bug here in the fimware and a dead probe comp problem.