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using trigger with 8163A

Question asked by fondeurb on Aug 25, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2010 by mkelly

I am trying to use a santec tsl-510 sws laser with a 8163A to do a spectral scan of a device.  I connected both with gpib, and used a bnc between the santec output to hp input.  I can launch a sweep with the santec manually, and let the hp be triggered to take measurements.  I have to use the santec has it has a range I need :  1510 to 1640.

My question is how to collect with gpib (using visual basic) all the power recorded by the 8163a after the scan.  Could you please send me the GPIB command (FETC?,) to download all the power reading once the sweep is completed.  also, what is the difference between complete and single measurements in the trigger menu. 

thanks a lot for the help!