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N1225A VME Phasemeter with Matlab

Question asked by theskyline00 on Aug 31, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2009 by theskyline00
I am trying to acquire data with my N1225A Phasemeter using matlab. The N1225A is a VME based system which is difficult to access using matlab. I have tried google searching and the matlab/simulink forums for some help but have not found anything to date. My agilent representative has suggested that I buy (another) 4000 euro NI VME to PCI card instead of going across the VME bus directly. I think this is lunacy because it's another 4000 euros and that means he's suggesting the VME shouldn't be accessed via the VME bus.

However, I do have a single board computer with xp in the main controller slot with the full suit of matlab on it. Does anyone know how to connect the two of them so I can finally log some data with this card? Thanks.