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How to transfer binary files from Oscilloscope to PC?

Question asked by MarkusL on Jun 24, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2010 by dnt

I'm using MATLAB translator program for translating oscilloscope binary files to matlab. I have made code for making oscilloscope binary file in Oscilloscope and code for handling that binary file. Translator program i'm using is there: ... id=1185953. Now i'm making the file and afterwars saving it to my usb stick. That way I transfer it to my PC and translate it with MATLAB. Now I'm trying to find straight way to transfer that binary file from oscilloscope to PC (without network cable)? My oscilloscope is DSO91304A and Oscilloscope and PC are connected via USB cable. So I'm trying to find a way remotely control that oscilloscope from PC so that binary file could be transfered straight to matlab work directory. Is there a straigt way for that? If there's not, is there other ways handling oscilloscope's binary data in matlab?