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GPIB and Memory Errors Using Infiniium DSO8104A

Question asked by DODENWALDER on Jun 14, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2010 by dnt
We have an interesting problem to solve using an Infiniium scope in a remote test situation.  It is intended that the scope power up on its own, start the program automatically, then capture fleeting transients and record the associated traces to memory for later retrieval.  VEE seemed to be the best, easiest way to accomplish this.  We have used a sample VEE program as a model.  The model program captures a single incident of a waveform on one channel, and does so successfully all the time.  When we modify the program to recall an existing setup from memory (one that has been previously stored, and is reasonably similar to the one used in the example), we consistently encounter run-time errors: most often GPIB (#811) or Memory (possibly #901?) errors.  The error message always points to the READBIN transaction in the VEE program - but the transaction is implemented verbatim from the working example, right down to the name of the variable.

We have to be able to record all four channels, which is an additional wrinkle.  Other aspects of the task (automatic startup, compounding an array, storing data and time stamp) have all been addressed previously, and seem to be working.

Does anyone know what might be causing these run-time errors, and how to resolve them?