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Distance measurement using lasers and photodiode

Question asked by ikatz on Jul 27, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2009 by mkelly

I am new in a project where we have to measure the distance from a laser to an object. My workmates have told me that a laser is conducted to an optical fiber ended with a high numerical aperture lens. The light is reflected by the surface of the measured object, and conducted again by the optical fiber to a photodiode. The signal from the photodiode is conducted to an A/D conversor and after that we receive the info in a PC.

It appears that to get the distance to the object we have to process the intensity of the signal received from the photodiode, but I don't know what could we do with the intensity to get the distance. I have studied Optical Communications at the career and don't remember anything similar, does anybody know how could we get the distance to the object??

Thanks in advance!