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DSO3000 disconection! problems with scope connect software

Question asked by Frunse on Apr 25, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2007 by Frunse
Hello I have a big Problem wit a DSO3062A and the new Firmware and Scopeconect Software (Firmware=04.02.10 / Scopeconect=1.1.26)

If i use the Software (via USB) and disconect from Scope i cant controll it with the Knobs on the Scope i need to switch it off and on again all the Time 

it shows me still the red rmt sign on the screen even after the scopesoftware was closed and the usb cabel is unpluged

this problem i dont had befor with the older Firmware 

so may be anyone could send me the old firmware or anyone know a fix for this problem