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MSO6000 - sequence trigger - suggestion for improvement

Question asked by whitewing on Aug 24, 2008
I've just been setting up an edge + Nth edge sequence trigger, however it doesn't appear to be possible to  adjust the value of N without the screen being half full of the 'Sequence stages' and input settings stuff hiding much of the waveform, making it hard to see what's happening.

When using the normal Nth Edge trigger, you can adjust N easily while viewing the live waveform, e.g. to count edges in a pulse train or scroll through a long sequence of pulses, and it would be useful to have the same facility for sequenced Nth-edge triggers.

One way I'd suggest this could be done is to put (a copy of) the 'N' setting in the currently under-used 'More' trigger menu, so it can be adjusted without all the other stuff onscreen getting in the way.
This is already done in TV trigger mode for the field holdoff parameter, so would be consistent with other modes