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How to repair software on Infiniium 54855A DSO?

Question asked by ELitva on May 27, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2013 by algoss
Hello colleague.
I am very need your help as quick as possible.
Two days ago I setup on my 54855A DSO drivers for our new HP printer. After that WinXP crashed two times (blue screen) but the all software worked properly. Yesterday I turn on oscilloscope and when Scope software started, it told that the exception with ntdll.dll was occurred. I though that the cause is my driver and delete printer. But the error ramained. I though to recover the ntdll.dll by recovering WinXP. So I fiund on the oscilloscope HDD the folder WinXPFiles and run winnt32.exe. Windows started to setup. It did not ask me about anything. In the middle of setup it stops. I wait for a long time and restart the oscilloscope by turn off/on the power. WinXP continue to setup. After setup and restarting I saw the windows select menu. I wait until default selection was run, but the error about hal.dll absence appeared. Then I restart and select the another line in menu and the Windows starts. I delete the default line of menu in boot.ini that was start with the error (it pointed, it seems on something like on $WIN_XP$ or $WINNT$). When Windows run I try to run scope software but it told that the base memory address of acquisition module is bad. Moreover, in the startup windows I saw thet no option in scope was installed (I have EZJIT, PEx, USB, DDR, SATA and other options).
Today I read that if software version os more then 3.10 than there is some recovery partition on HDD. My version is A.03.60, VIN M42. I try to hold CTRL key when Agilent splash screen appered, but no recovery procedure started. Probably my deals destroy it? I look at HDD from Disk management from Control Panel and did not seen any other  partitions then main. I download from Agilent website the new drivers and new scope software and setup them. Now, when I run scope it did not tell that it can not detect the hardware, but still close with exception. I download   also the recovery CD 3_5 (version of software A.03.50) but there is no clear description in documentation (dated 2006) could I repair 54855A with A.03.60 and VIN M52 (if could, I could repair disk and then upgrade software to even 3.71 software). The support in Russia can not give the clear answer and told that they ask the US support. But I need the oscilloscope, because I work on the project.
Could you tell me: does the recovery CD 3_5 can help me to solve the problem?
Thanks for advance.