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90804A scope and 81150A generator synchronization

Question asked by conchiupct on May 23, 2011
Hello everybody!

My transmitting antenna is transmitting an arbritrary signal (81150A arb wav generator) whose frequency is 196 kHz (before being modulated). The receiving antenna is connected to my 90804A oscilloscope. I'd like to trigger the scope when the 81150A starts to generate the arb signal.

Now, I'm perfroming this operation using a cable with connects the "Aux Trigger" of the scope with the "Trigger Output" of the 81150A. However, I need to doit without cables. I'm thinking in using a 10 MHz sinusoidal reference from a GPS (one in the 81150A generator and the other one in the 90804A scope). However, this signal is too fast for our arbitrary signal (196 kHz).

Any idea to solve this problem would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.