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MSO6034A "Auto Increment" does not stay enabled

Question asked by D-Three on Jul 14, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2008 by D-Three
First of all, I would like to thank you for enabling the Quick Print button again
But since the last software update of my MSO6034A I noticed that the Auto Increment-option doesn't stay enabled when:
- When using the File Explorer to load or delete a file
- Scope is turned off and on again

Although the latter is sometimes annoying it might be normal (never noticed it before)? The first one is actually much more annoying. When for example the file scope_11.png is deleted with the File Explorer, the next time you hit the Quick Print button the file scope_12.png is overwritten. If scope_12.png does not exist then scope_10.png is overwritten. This is because the Auto Increment-option is disabled after deleting the file and the filename of the file that is saved with the Quick Print button is actually the filename of the file that becomes selected after the deleted file is removed from the File Explorer view. I hope you understand what I mean

Also, I don't know if it's possible to start the numbering of the files with scope_00 instead of scope_0? That because in the File Explorer the file scope_2 is shown after scope_19, scope_3 after scope_29 and so on. With names like scope_01, scope_02, ... this would not be the cause.