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HP54111D display question

Question asked by Ridgh on Apr 14, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2011 by Ridgh
I've purchased a scope HP54111D, almost unused, and I need to measure and to display a 434MHz wave. I have 2 probes of 150MHz, (waiting for a 500MHz one), however connecting it to any signal source from 100 to 434MHz, I am getting the signal made by dots as shown in the picture. Even the square wave calibration is made of dots.
I have and use 2 analogue scopes (Tektronix) up to 150MHz without problem, meaning I can see a nice sinus wave "drawn" in continuous mode, I mean without dots, a sinusoidal line. As well, as I am modulating the 150MHz (FM), I can see in real time the modulation.
As I never used a digitizing scope before, I have no idea if I can use it for this purpose, how to get a smooth line instead dots and how to do the measurement.
Thank you for assistance,