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DSO6000 Display Improvement Suggestion 1

Question asked by RogertheDodger on May 20, 2009
It is difficult to read the voltage and time per division indicators from the screen.

On the top bar on the screen the X/Y scales are shown. If the units are say "ms" they are difficult to read because the ms is put into 1 character position, "m" above "s" so the characters a now about 1mm high. Although my eyesight is quite good it is diificult to read these characters at say 3 feet distance. Especially to distinguish between m and n.

The units are put into 1 character position & the second character position is "/". I guess this "/" is supposed to indicate per division. However there is no need to indicate "per division" is there? If the "/" were removed then "ms" could have 1 character position for the "m" and one for the "s" & they would then be more than twice as high.

A recent software update changed the colour of the top & bottom bars on the screen to blue. This colour makes the characters, which were difficult to read before, even more difficult to read now because the contrast between the blue background and the black characters is worse than before.

So my suggestion is:
(A) Don't use the "/" in the scale indication.
(B) This enables you to use one character position per character.
(C) Change the background colour back to light grey or something with a higher contrast against the black characters.

This would make using the scope a better experience.

Regards   ---  Roger