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U1604A real-time clock frozen

Question asked by swperk on May 4, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2012 by swperk
I just downloaded the latest firmware upgrade (2.7.1a) for my U1604A. I hadn't used my scope in several months, so when I first got it out of the case it would not power up because the battery was discharged. I attached the AC adapter, let the scope charge for a several minutes, and then successfully upgraded the firmware.

Now I notice that although everything works and the scope passes self cal, the real-time clock is frozen. When I try to update the clock settings in the Utility menu I can use the F2 soft key to select the field to update, but turning the rotary **** does nothing and the F3 soft key window is blank instead of displaying the time/date. 

Is there some sort of clock keep-alive battery inside the scope that can be replaced, or a supercap that may have discharged and now needs to charge for a while?

Any suggestions appreciated!