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Saving a lot of Decoded CAN Data on USB Key.

Question asked by peterfreedom on May 2, 2008
Latest reply on May 19, 2008 by edgardog
Hi! I use my MSO6014A to decode CAN BUS data and troubleshooting. I can easily aquire a lot of decoded data on the screen and the zoom on each frame to see the Data inside of it.

What I want to do is to save all these decoded data on the USB Key. It seems that it will only save the decoded data visible on the screen and not the one not zoomed. So I'm limited to 6 or 7 frames of CAN Data. I already know that I can save more points if the Scope is in Stop Mode but it is not helping. I don't want to save the points on the screen but the decoded data.


Here is an example of what the data looks like when not zoomed enough or trying to capture too much:
-3.600000000000e-04,        INIT OUT
2.000000000000e-05,           START
1.600000000000e-04,        18ffcd00
2.000000000000e-04,           DLC=8
2.400000000000e-04,              00
2.800000000000e-04,              00
3.200000000000e-04,              00
3.400000000000e-04,         ALIASED
4.200000000000e-04,              00
4.600000000000e-04,              ff
5.000000000000e-04,              ff
6.000000000000e-04,            STOP
2.820000000000e-03,           START
2.860000000000e-03,        000a7781
2.980000000000e-03,           DLC=8
3.020000000000e-03,              01
3.040000000000e-03,         ALIASED
3.120000000000e-03,              7d
3.140000000000e-03,         ALIASED
3.220000000000e-03,              70
3.260000000000e-03,              6f
3.280000000000e-03,         ALIASED
3.340000000000e-03,         ALIASED
3.500000000000e-03,         ALIASED
3.580000000000e-03,              01
3.620000000000e-03,              10
3.660000000000e-03,              80
3.680000000000e-03,         ALIASED
3.760000000000e-03,              81
3.780000000000e-03,         ALIASED
3.840000000000e-03,         ALIASED
3.900000000000e-03,         ALIASED
3.940000000000e-03,           START
4.080000000000e-03,        04ff782a
4.120000000000e-03,           DLC=8
4.160000000000e-03,              00
4.200000000000e-03,              00
4.220000000000e-03,         ALIASED
4.300000000000e-03,              00
4.340000000000e-03,              00
4.380000000000e-03,              00
4.420000000000e-03,              00
4.520000000000e-03,            STOP

Here is good data:

-4.280000000000e-04,        INIT OUT
-1.520000000000e-04,           START
-8.000000000000e-06,        1cff801a
2.000000000000e-05,           DLC=8
5.600000000000e-05,              7f
9.200000000000e-05,              7d
1.240000000000e-04,              2f
1.560000000000e-04,              0c
1.880000000000e-04,              26
2.200000000000e-04,              47
2.520000000000e-04,              8b
2.880000000000e-04,              fa
3.520000000000e-04,            5dee
3.880000000000e-04,            STOP
6.800000000000e-04,           START
8.200000000000e-04,        1cff811a
8.480000000000e-04,           DLC=8
8.840000000000e-04,              1c
9.200000000000e-04,              00
9.560000000000e-04,              76
9.920000000000e-04,              00
1.028000000000e-03,              ff
1.068000000000e-03,              ff
1.104000000000e-03,              ff
1.144000000000e-03,              ff
1.208000000000e-03,            28c7
1.244000000000e-03,            STOP
1.570000000000e-03,       FINAL OUT