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Looking for Information on 1661AS

Question asked by scherer on Apr 28, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2008 by dennis_forum
I recently acquired a used HP 1661AS logic analyzer with oscilloscope. I am very enthusiastic about the combined LA/scope functionality looking tremendous for my small scale embedded software projects.

Unfortunately, it came without any printed or electronic manual.

From the Agilent web site I could download some user's manuals, but not exactly for the 1661AS and therefore possibly missing the oscilloscope part of the device.

Due to this fact I have not been able yet to make a measurement with the oscilloscope part (Logic Analyzer seems to be fine after some cursory test).
Even the Autoscale function did not yield even a visible waveform. The grid is displayed, the markers can be displayed and set, the acquisition, with auto trigger, can be started and runs to completion, but nothing is displayed.

The power-on self-tests are running OK.

I have not yet done automatic calibration employing the calibration signals from the rear connectors, due to lack of BNC cables.

With the analyzer a disk with PV (Performance Verification) Software came. I tried to run it but it delivered a (seemingly) low-level software error.

Does any one have a clue for my problem with the oscilloscope measurement ?

Does anyone have a pointer to additional manuals ? I would appreciate especially a service manual!

Are there any hints concerning the PV software? Is there an online source to download it?

I understand the 1661AS boots from Flash ROM. Is there a way to verify the boot software and the flash contents ?

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