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Noise problem with DSO1014a?

Question asked by Tarloth on Sep 15, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2011 by Tarloth

I buy few days ago a small and basic oscilloscope Agilent DSO1014a. When I connect it and begin to measure I notice that the channels are too noisy when I connect the 200Mhz agilent included probes even connected to GND in the internal square wave generator or in other channel BNC connector. Noise it´s 50mV pp (or worst) 95Mhz aprox modulated by a 10-15Mhz signal. If I coupled to GND or disconect the probes the noise dissapear or it´s very reasonable (<<<20mV). I change the location of scope, try it in other building and the noise it´s the same.

This is normal that even connected to GND the osciloscope be too noisy?

THANKS IN ADVANCE and sorry for my bad english.