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MSO8104A saving digital channels

Question asked by mjeske on Feb 15, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2008 by marowley

Agilent Infiniium Oscilloscope 05.40.0000
Agilent IO Library Suite 14.1

Saving in any waveform format including digital channels.
The software escapes with an error message.

There is a problem since I shut down the system yesterday and I can`ta save the digital channels today. When I save only analog signals, there is no problem.

There are two cases which appear:
1. I want to save the data as a new file, I will get the error message (which you can see in the attachment) and the software escapes.
2. I want to save the data as an existing file, the software escapes immediatly.

I tried to update the software (previous version 05.30.0004) without a change of described behavior. Furthermore I disconnect the cable on digital channel and tried to save a waveform including the digital channels with the same error message.

I suppose that the software works incorrect because of attempting my last method of resolution.

Have you any idea how to solve this problem?

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