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54622d data from digital channels

Question asked by putinka on Apr 1, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2009 by dnt
I have Agilent 54622d using POD1 and POD2. In SOFT "LabVIEW" I ask my device with modules VISA-read|write.

For analog channel - no problem: for channel #1 I set "WAV:SOURce CHAN1" and then ":WAV:DATA?" to get data from osc.

But as for digital channel - I need to work with POD1 and POD2, each of them has 8 channels. After command "WAV:SOURce POD1" and then ":WAV:DATA?" I get data not ASCI, but HEX-format, as I know.

So I have some questions:
- how can I get DATA for example from channel D3 (POD1)?
- what is format of DATA, folowing "#800002000"?
- what does 2000 bytes of data after "#800002000" (in answer of device) consist of and how I can separate these data in each of channel?

*sorry for my russian English*