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DSO6032A remote trigger problem

Question asked by jma on Nov 21, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2008 by dnt

I tried writing a remote waveform display program for the scope. I am not using VISA or SICL mut just writing plain commands over the ethernet connection.

In my program I have a separate thread for scope communication.
First I set up the ACQ parameters
  :ACQ:COMP 100

Then I send the following commands in each loop execution in this order:

Update Trigger values if they have changed
:TRIG:EDGE:LEV <volt> ,CHAN<chan>

Get waveform
  :WAV:SOUR CHAN<chan>
  :WAV:POIN <number of points>
store data

My program seems to work fine, when trigger fires, but the problem is that if I specify a trigger value that will never fire, the scope buffers all consecutive commands (*CLS, *RST, trigger level reset, everything). This causes a problem, because I cannot reset the scope or anything remotely that would restore the scope to a state in which it would start processing commands again. So in my software's point of view the scope is just unreachable. Even the scope's Trigger level **** does not change the trigger level setting until I press Run/Stop -button.

Agilent support suggested using :SINGLE instead of IGitize (thats why they are both in the command list above) but it seems that result is the same with both of them. The only solution I have found to this are eiher using TRIG:SWE AUTO and checking the waveform buffer, if there really is a value matching the trigger setting, but it is a little bit awkward and inaccurate.

I would appreciate any advice on what I should change to get the TRIG: SWE NORM working.